SEEWELL INTERNATIONAL, based on the oriental traditional culture, explores the new art in the contemporary context. Under the company's flag, there are Fenghuang Weishi International Art Center, Yingmu Huixin Chinese Painting Museum, Hexia Sanzao Aesthetic Life Museum, Oriental Media Co., Ltd., Qiaoxuan Creation and other independent art institutions. Driven by Oriental Aesthetics IP, innovating traditional crafts with modern concepts, and determined to explore the new possibilities of the intersection of science, technology, art and design aesthetics to reshape contemporary Chinese aesthetics and lifestyle. Business covers contemporary art, Oriental aesthetics, fashion design, art media and other fields of art and culture. Combining with the rich resources of Phoenix art, through the overall planning of "Art Museum + Oriental Traditional Culture + Art Media + Art Interdisciplinary Cooperation", one end will transform oriental traditional culture into modern life style, the other end will explore. It is a cross-disciplinary practice of art, devoted to building a "global platform for integrating modern and contemporary art resources".

Collect comprehensive information of Oriental Art and enjoy Oriental fashion life.
Show the latest developments in the art world - fresh things, hot people, market quotations, appreciation of treasures, art education, publishing and Exhibition information, adhere to the elegant orientation and style, and provide artists and art enthusiasts with a high quality and fashionable lifestyle.
Supported by digital, traditional, outdoor media and other communication systems, we will work with third party / super IP to jointly cooperate with Phoenix Art, a strategic partner, to create a diversified art all-media platform.

China Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Cross-Media Art of China Academy of Fine Arts is the latest cutting-edge academic cluster of China Academy of Fine Arts. In 2010, the Academy of Contemporary Art was formed by the integration of the Department of New Media, the Department of Comprehensive Art and the Department of Art Planning. Its purpose is: to promote the development of media technology, promote contemporary art experiments, strive to discover creativity from the media and reveal humanity from technology; to optimize the teaching mode of contemporary art education in an all-round way and promote contemporary art through the four-dimensional interdisciplinary educational pattern of media experiments, artistic creation, cultural research and curatorial practice. Interdisciplinary research and practice. The Academy of Cross-Media Arts consists of three departments, six laboratories and three research institutes.


Central Academy of Fine Arts

The Urban Design Institute of the Central Academy of Fine Arts is the first non-academy professional college officially established by the Central Academy of Fine Arts in September 2002. Taking urban image design and urban life design as professional orientation, professional teaching is carried out on the basis of four teaching departments: urban information design, urban image design, urban fashion design and urban image design, and several teaching assistant platforms are established. Closely relying on the advantages of the Central Academy of Fine Arts as the center of fine arts education, creation and research in China, actively adapting to social development, directly serving the cultural and economic construction in China's urbanization construction, as well as the continuous improvement of people's quality of life in the process of urban modernization, it has become one of the design education of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. New majors and teachers grow up.

SiChuan fine arts institute

The Handicraft Art College of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts is the second batch of demonstration colleges of applied transformation in Chongqing, forming the only training system covering Bachelor and Master of Arts and Crafts in Southwest China. Famous arts and crafts artists Shen Fuwen, Li Youhang, Lei Guiyuan, Pang Xunqian and others have taught in this major. Adhering to the professional orientation of "Southwest First, Domestic Leadership and International Famous", rooted in the deep technological tradition of Southwest China, the transformation and upgrading of traditional technological industries are deeply cultivated, the cross-border and compatibility of courses are emphasized, the professional characteristics of traditional technological reengineering are highlighted, and the exploration of a multi-skilled teaching system is focused on. Students are trained to become "contemporary craftsmen" - innovative and applied talents. In recent years, the arts and crafts specialty has been approved 8 projects by the National Social Science Foundation and the National Arts Foundation. The works have won several gold, silver and bronze awards and excellent awards in the National Art Exhibition, which has trained a large number of outstanding talents for the Chinese arts and crafts industry.

Group Annual Publicity Film
Around the Oriental life aesthetics and the artists who discuss the relationship between Chinese culture, they are committed to the integration of art and life, and create the future wisely in the exploration and attempt of the transformation and sublimation of the art world.
Weishi International, which has always been keen on art and cross-border undertakings, looks back on the "great events of art" in 2018 - "marching out", "melting into life", "near context", "crossing into the future".